How it Works

The Envisionit Deep AI™ solution improves the speed and accuracy with which a doctor can make a diagnosis.

We leverage the use of machine learning and the expertise of radiologists to provide an AI platform called RADIFY™. Our machine learning algorithms use computational methods to “learn” information directly from data. The algorithms constantly improve their performance as the data for learning increases.

1. When a referring doctor uploads a batch of images, an AI algorithm analyses each one and identifies possible problems or pathologies; automatically prioritising the most life threatening cases and relevant images for the doctor. RADIFY™ highlights and labels these features on the image.

2. The augmented scans are made available to radiologists/specialists for further peer review assessment and a final report is submitted to the referring doctor.

RADIFY™ is licensed with SAHPRA as a Class A Medical Device as a medical image management system application software. This product is for professional and academic use.

RADIFY offers a great opportunity to enhance and augment the radiology reading of images, thereby relieving the bottleneck in medical imaging diagnosis.